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Corrosion blocker -FLUID FILM AS-R- spray can - 400ml

Corrosion blocker -FLUID FILM AS-R- spray can - 400ml
Corrosion blocker -FLUID FILM AS-R- spray can - 400ml


  • Viscosity: low (e.g. like syrup)
  • Creepability: + + + +
  • Protection time: approx. 4 years (in closed cavities)
  • Processing: spray can with additional fine applicator

  • FLUID FILM AS-R is a physiologically harmless, solvent-free and thixotrophic single-layer corrosion protection coating with sliding and rust dissolving effect on a lanolin base and forms a clear and glossy protective film.

    The 400 ml spray can contains FLUID FILM NAS with propane-butane as propellant. On the car it provides protection for seams, door edges, cavities, engine compartment and all other parts at risk of corrosion. Particularly when the car is taken out of service in winter, even a thin film of FLUID FILM AS-R protects motorcycles, bicycles or boat parts from rust, even on chains, joints and metal surfaces. For example, on machines and tools, corrosion is stopped immediately or does not even occur at all.

    By combining it as a corrosion protection and lubricant, moving parts such as deflection rollers, chain transmissions or joints can be protected.


  • behaves extremely resistant to all weather conditions, also to snow and slush and the release salts used in winter road maintenance.
  • extremely effective and reliable at the same time as rust remover and water displacing corrosion protection agent
  • excellent salt water resistance
  • as corrosion protection of steel parts and other metal parts during transport and processing in the production plant
  • fast creeping, yet good adhesion, temperature stable, is not washed off or changed by rain or sea water, nor does it evaporate and resinify, as is the case with most penetrating oils. Bitumen protective layers already on the car chassis floors are plasticized by FLUID FILM and thus activated.
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    Viscosity: low (e.g. like syrup) Creepability: + + + + Protection time: approx. 4 years (in...Continue reading

    Fits the following vehicles

    • Universal


    19 Oct 2015

    Macht was es soll , einfache handhabung

    4 Aug 2015

    Verwende das Produkt jetzt bei zwei Vespas. Insbesondere bei Verwendung im Mitteltunnel, hilft es gegen Auftreten und Verbreitung des typischen Falzrostes an der Verbindung zum Trittbrett.

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    Available immediately (delivery time 1-3 working days*)
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