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Cylinder -PARMAKIT TSV ECV Classic 177cc 3 transfer ports, 57mm stroke, single exhaust port- Vespa PX125, PX150, Cosa125, Cosa150, LML Star 125/150, Stella 125/150

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Precisely machined aluminum cylinder with nicasil coating by Scauri for Parmakit. Comes with a...Continue reading


Precisely machined aluminum cylinder with nicasil coating by Scauri for Parmakit. Comes with a high quality Italian made VERTEX piston (Ø = 63mm) with two 1mm thin steel rings and a solid CNC head (except TSV ECV = cast head) with centering in the liner.

All cylinder variants have the same transfer port layout with four generously sized main transfer ports and a boost port.

Parmakit differentiates since 2019 between the following versions:

  • TSV ECV Classic = 1 oval outlet window, one-piece cast cylinder head
  • TSV09 'Puffo' = 3 outlet windows (main + two auxiliary outlets), one-piece CNC cylinder head (blue)
  • TSV09 'Red Devil' = 2 exhaust ports (large exhaust with web), two-part cylinder head (red), screw flange
  • TSV66 = Bigbore, cylinder bore of 66mm (195 / 205cc), housing must be spindled


Depending on the selected version, the cylinders differ in the outlet design.

The TSV ESC with its conventional exhaust and simple cast cylinder head is ideal for those who want to build a decent engine with little effort.

The 'Puffo' baptized variant (Italian = Smurf) has two additional exhaust windows, making the cylinder ideal for use with a sports exhaust system. It offers more potential through the enlarged outlet area than the ECV, but a subsequent outlet processing is more complicated due to the two small side outlets. The CNC machined solid aluminum cylinder head offers more reserves and better temperature stability than the ECV cylinder casting head.

The Red Devil with its large, two-part outlet window has the greatest bolt-on performance potential and also offers with its bolted exhaust flange the best opportunities to modify the exhaust port later. The two-part head with internal, separate dome allows easy subsequent editing of the combustion chamber to its own specifications.

The large surfaces and moderate cylinder timing make them predestined to obtain a powerful touring engine. With the right exhaust system, power levels of 17-20 hp are possible without further processing. With increased port timings and further cylinder porting (exhaust port), the cylinder can also develop significantly more power.

  • Bore Ø: 63mm
  • Stroke: 57mm
  • Displacement: 177.59cc
  • cast piston
  • Weight: 185gr. (without bolts and rings)
  • Piston ring: 2pcs., 1.0mm steel
  • Piston size: 62.92mm
  • Compaction: 11.3: 1
  • Distance sealing surface to crushing surface: + 2,30mm
  • Recommended squish edge: 1.6-1.7mm


The scope of delivery includes six foot and five head gaskets, each 0.2mm thick, for adjusting the port timings as well as the squish edge. This makes it possible to use a crankshaft with 60mm stroke and to match the cylinder to the longer stroke. The increased port timings brings more speed bandwidth and higher torque / power. For touring motors, however, a crankshaft with a stroke of 57mm is absolutely sufficient and usually makes more sense in everyday use.

CONCLUSION: Reliable cylinder for the long trip with high cruising speed!


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