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Lambretta (Innocenti) TV 175 (series 1)

Lambretta (Innocenti) TV 175 (series 1)


Lambretta TV 175
Series 1

The TV was Innocenti's new flagship, but it was not without problems as the engine had a few design flaws, especially the clutch was too weak. Still it was a milestone for Innocenti, forming the link between the old D models and all later models of the LI series. After only 10.086 scooter built, production of the TV Series I ceased in December 1958.

So the task of becoming the actual forefathers of all Lambrettas to follow was taken over by the “bread-and-butter” versions, the 125 and 150 LI, where all the design flaws of the TV had been done away with. Both engines were totally reliable and made the LI Series I a great commercial success for Innocenti with more than 150.000 scooters produced. The engines were already very similar to the usual LI type, even if the first models came without a chain tensioner and only one oil seal in the mag housing, which was lubricated by the petrol/oil mixture. This was changed during the production run at the same time when the oil thrower under the front sprocket was added to ease life for the drive-side oil seal. Both the chain tensioner and the grease-lubricated flywheel bearing became standard with all subsequent Lambrettas, so that the final design of the Lambretta engine was reached further improvements mainly were aimed at strengthening certain parts like the crank and its bearings.

Apart from minor differences the bodywork of the LI is identical to that of the TV 175. The little design alterations are rather there to highlight the status of the models. For instance, the LI 150 had alloy floorboard strips with rubber inlays and end caps, while the LI 125 only came with simple alloy ribs. The handlebar-ends were painted at the 125, while they were from polished alloy at the 150. The rubber parts and cables are grey at both models, with the notorious exception of the black stand feet and kickstart rubber of course. Not to forget the gasket under the rear light, which is coloured white. Colour schemes are two-tone grey for the LI 125, while the LI 150 boasts a number of options, including two-tone versions with grey base and blue, green or red side-panels and horncasting.

Production period:
Production code:
1st frame no.:
TV 175
175 cc


TV series 1 – 1st version
(September 1957 until April 1958)

The air intake is now between the seats via an airbox, with an oval air filter. The tank vent is now through the filler cap. The brake-pedal receives a small splashplate.


TV series 1 – 2nd version
(May until July 1958)

Horn grille is a separate piece screwed into the horncasting, the ball-bearing in the mag housing is replaced by a roller bearing. The splashplate at the main stand is introduced. The centre hub at the rear hub is secured by a locking washer.


TV series 1 – 3rd version
(August until December 1958)

The adjustable levers are discontinued.


Original paint (Lechler)


Avorio (Elfenbein)


Vehicle (general)
name: TV 175 (series 1)
year of manufacture: 1957, 1958
VIN: 175TV
no. of exemplars produced: 10089
colours: avorio (8028)
Vehicle sizes
length: 1825 mm
width: 710 mm
height: 1038 mm
seat height: 787 mm
ground clearance: 165 mm
wheelbase: 1290 mm
petrol tank capacity: 8.5 l
tank reserve (petrol): 1.2 l
weight (dry): 120 kg
Vehicle wheels
front tyre: 3.50 - 10
rear tyre: 3.50 - 10
front wheel rim: 2.15 - 10
rear wheel rim: 2.15 - 10
Vehicle brakes
front brake type: drum brake
front brake operation: mechanical with cable
Ø front: 150 mm
rear brake type: drum brake
rear brake operation: mechanical with cable
Ø rear: 150 mm
Vehicle suspension
front suspension type: shock absorber with separate reservoir, trailing link fork
rear suspension type: shock absorber
Vehicle engine
displacement: 170 cm³
stroke: 60 mm
bore: 60 mm
engine type: 2-stroke
number of cylinders: 1
type of cooling: air
power (kW): 6.33 kW
power (HP): 8.6
rpm (P max): 6000
compression ratio: 1:7.6
mixture preparation: carburettor
carburettor: Dell'Orto MB23 BS5
starter: kickstarter
clutch: manual
engine brand: Innocenti
max speed: 103 km/h
engine type: 2-stroke
emission standard: none
Vehicle engine - ignition
ignition type: point set ignition
advanced ignition: 27
points distance: 0.45 mm
power (light): 30 W
voltage: 6 V
spark plug: (NGK) B7ES
Vehicle engine - gearbox
gear change type: manual
no. of gears: 4
Fahrzeug Betriebsstoffe
fuel: Super (ROZ 95)
mix ratio: 1:16
gearbox oil: SAE30
gearbox oil capacity: 1 l
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