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Spray wax, hardening and crystal clear -HODT MULTI FILM Klar- spray can 1000ml spray, brush or dip

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Multi Film is mainly suitable for 2 application areas: crystal clear underbody coating for...Continue reading


Multi Film is mainly suitable for 2 application areas:

  • crystal clear underbody coating for new or slightly rusty underbodies / painted surfaces
  • Primer / primer in the restoration application on rusty surfaces as rust converter

The coating produces a crystal clear, hard, abrasion-resistant, elastic paint with excellent resistance to corrosion, solvents, diluted acids, alkalis, etc.

It is recommended to maintain vehicle underbodies, painted vehicle surfaces (additional protection of the vehicle surface / preservation of patina), steel structures, machinery, equipment, etc.

Whether on steel, galvanised steel, aluminium, PVC or on existing paintwork, HODT MULTI FILM is suitable for many substrates.

Apply HODT MULTI FILM only to grease-free, cleaned surfaces. Please degrease with silicone remover. It can also be painted on stuck rust. With brush, roller ,dipping or spraying a dry film thickness of at least 100 μm should be achieved. Multi Film can be diluted with water if necessary. (Ideal if screw threads are to be coated). After dilution, however, several coats must be applied to achieve the desired film thickness.

Package size: 1000ml



Fits the following vehicles

  • Universal
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