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Vespa Modern Vespa GTS 300ie Super HPE (2019, ZAPMA3600)

Vespa Modern Vespa GTS 300ie Super HPE (2019, ZAPMA3600)
Vehicle (general)
name: Vespa GTS 300ie Super HPE (2019, ZAPMA3600)
year of manufacture: 2019
Vehicle wheels
front tyre: 120/70 - 12
rear tyre: 130/70 - 12
front wheel rim: 3.00 - 12
rear wheel rim: 3.00 - 12
Vehicle brakes
front brake type: disc brake
front brake operation: hydraulic
rear brake type: disc brake
rear brake operation: hydraulic
Vehicle suspension
front suspension type: shock absorber
rear suspension type: double shock absorber
Vehicle engine
engine type: 4-stroke
number of cylinders: 1
no. of valvs per cylinder: 4
type of cooling: liquid
mixture preparation: injection system
starter: electric starter
clutch: automatic (centrifugal)
engine brand: Piaggio
engine type: 4-stroke
emission standard: Euro 4
Vehicle engine - ignition
voltage: 12 V
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