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Vespa (Piaggio) Vespa 125 (VNA2T)

Vespa (Piaggio) Vespa 125 (VNA2T)
Vehicle (general)
name: Vespa 125 (VNA2T)
year of manufacture: 1958, 1959
no. of exemplars produced: 48400
Vehicle sizes
length: 1735 mm
width: 655 mm
height: 985 mm
ground clearance: 130 mm
wheelbase: 1180 mm
petrol tank capacity: 7.7 l
tank reserve (petrol): 1.4 l
weight (kerb): 87 kg
Vehicle wheels
front tyre: 3.50 - 8
rear tyre: 3.50 - 8
front wheel rim: 2.15 - 8
rear wheel rim: 2.15 - 8
Vehicle brakes
front brake type: drum brake
front brake operation: mechanical with cable
Ø front: 125 mm
rear brake type: drum brake
rear brake operation: mechanical with cable
Ø rear: 127 mm
Vehicle engine
displacement: 123.7 cm³
stroke: 54 mm
bore: 54 mm
engine type: 2-stroke
number of cylinders: 1
type of cooling: air
power (kW): 3.31 kW
power (HP): 4.5
rpm (P max): 5000
compression ratio: 1:6.5
mixture preparation: carburettor
carburettor: Dell'Orto UB 16S1
starter: kickstarter
clutch: manual
engine brand: Piaggio
max speed: 75 km/h
engine type: 2-stroke
emission standard: none
Vehicle engine - ignition
ignition type: point set ignition
advanced ignition: 28
points distance: 0.4 mm
voltage: 6 V
spark plug: (NGK) B7HS
Vehicle engine - gearbox
gear change type: manual
no. of gears: 3
ratio primary - 1:: 3.045
ratio speed 1 - 1:: 4
ratio speed 2 - 1:: 2.5
ratio speed 3 - 1:: 1.593
overall ratio - 1:: 4.85
Fahrzeug Betriebsstoffe
fuel: Super (ROZ 95)
mix ratio: 1:25
gearbox oil: SAE30
gearbox oil capacity: 0.25 l
Vespa 125 VNA2 With the Vespa 125 of 1958 (VNA)  the Ära of the  Largeframe models...Continue reading


Vespa 125 VNA2

With the Vespa 125 of 1958 (VNA) the Ära of the Largeframe models begins. The most obvious feature is the disappearance of the flap in the hatch under the seat. Overall, the frame has not only become narrower, but also considerably lighter. Thanks to the new production process, the body is now made of two sheet metal half-shells. Thus the front fender is also assembled from two parts and welded in the middle. Characteristic features that can now be found on the Vespa.

The motor is also much more compact, as the swing arm is integrated into the housing. Other details, such as the kick starter mechanism and shift box, should prove to be groundbreaking innovations.

On the VNA, the steering head is split and after dismantling the upper steering head cover, all operating elements are freely accessible. This is a very practical solution, especially as neither the speedo nor the speedo shaft are in the way, as they are not yet part of the standard equipment.

The brake drums are made of aluminum and have a cast iron inner ring and the moped comes on 8 inch tires. The vehicles are delivered with a single saddle and luggage bridge as standard. The saddle cover is dark green, the Vespa lettering on the leg shield is dark blue.

The vehicles with the frame abbreviation VNA1 were delivered in grey (MaxMeyer Code 15046). The frame abbreviation VNA2 was changed to a light beige (MaxMeyer 15099).

Vespa colors


MaxMeyer 15099 / Grigio Beige Chiaro 15099 / Light Grey-Beige 15099


MaxMeyer 8012M / Grigio 8012M / Grey 8012M


MaxMeyer 15099 / Grigio Beige Chiaro 15099 / Light Grey-Beige 15099

Lüfter wheel cover

MaxMeyer 1.268.0983 / Alluminio 983 / Aluminium 983


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