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Pulley -BGM PRO Super Torque- Piaggio 200cc Leader LC (2003-), Piaggio 250/300cc Quasar - Vespa GT/GTV/GTL/GTS 200/250/300

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The BGM Supertorque converter optimizes the acceleration of the vehicle. It immediately keeps...Continue reading


The BGM Supertorque converter optimizes the acceleration of the vehicle.
It immediately keeps the engine at the highest torque speed, so that the full tractive force is always applied to the rear wheel. The BGM Supertorque completely replaces the converter used ex works and offers two different settings for individual tuning to your own engine. The matching angles of the pulley halves also result in a perfect everyday suitability that protects the V-belt.

The original converter is optimized for maximum vehicle control. In addition it reduces the maximum possible acceleration, even if full throttle is given, up to approx. 30km/h by a conservatively designed shifting behavior of the rear converter. This offers beginners increased safety so that they can stabilize the vehicle when driving slowly (straight handlebars, correct seat position, etc.). For ambitious drivers and tuners, this means that any changes to the drive (variomatic, counterpressure spring) and/or the performance-determining engine components themselves (cylinder, camshaft, head, etc.) cannot fully take effect unless the converter is also changed.

The BGM Supertorque converter climbs directly to the highest torque speed and holds it uncompromisingly to deliver full engine power directly to the rear wheel. This allows the scooter to accelerate much better from a standstill and, with performance-optimized engines, to lift the front wheel. Of course you can start with the Supertorque converter as normal if you want. A big advantage of the BGM Supertorque converter is the linear shifting behaviour. This facilitates the tuning of the drive, especially on performance-enhanced engines, clearly.

In order to adapt the converter perfectly to the engine and your own requirements, it offers two differently shaped milled grooves for the so-called sliding blocks. The grooves have different steep flank angles. As a general rule, the flatter the angle of the grooves, the faster the converter halves can close and the faster the scooter can accelerate. Please note that the motor should have a sufficiently high basic power for the strong adjustment. Series engines should use the steeper and therefore more tame flank angle.

Sufficient time should be allowed for testing and tuning. The combination possibilities in the tuning of variomatic and converter to each other are enormously large. A harmonic tuning of weights, back pressure spring and flank angle of the converter results in a significantly improved acceleration behaviour. Ideal for use in combination with the BGM PRO Variomatik.

TIP: The subjective feeling of the acceleration can be deceiving quite fast (among other things due to the speed heard). Ideal for testing is always the same distance and an accelerometer (e.g. SIGMA MC1812, see accessories).



Fits the following vehicles

  • Aprilia Atlantic 200 (Piaggio M234M)
  • Aprilia Atlantic 250 (Piaggio M237M)
  • Aprilia Atlantic 300
  • Aprilia Scarabeo 200 (2004-2006) Euro 2
  • Aprilia Scarabeo 200 (2006) Euro 3
  • Aprilia Scarabeo 250
  • Aprilia Scarabeo Light 200 (2007-2008)
  • Aprilia Scarabeo Light 200 ie (2009-)
  • Aprilia Scarabeo Light 250 (2006-2008)
  • Aprilia Scarabeo Light 300 (2009-)
  • Aprilia Sportcity 200
  • Aprilia Sportcity 200 Cube Euro3
  • Aprilia Sportcity 250
  • Aprilia Sportcity 250 Cube ie Euro3
  • Aprilia Sportcity 300 Cube ie Euro 3
  • Aprilia SR Max 300
  • Benelli Adiva 250 AD Euro 2
  • Derbi GP1 250 Euro 2
  • Gilera Nexus 250
  • Gilera Nexus 250SP
  • Gilera Nexus 300 Centenario
  • Gilera Nexus 300ie
  • Gilera Runner 200 VXR (-2005)
  • Gilera Runner 200 VXR (2006-)
  • Malaguti F12 200 Phantom Max (Piaggio engine)
  • Malaguti F12 250 Phantom Max (Piaggio engine)
  • Malaguti Madison 200
  • Malaguti Madison 250 RS (Piaggio engine)
  • Peugeot Geopolis 250 Euro 3
  • Piaggio Beverly 200
  • Piaggio Beverly 250
  • Piaggio Beverly 250 Cruiser Euro 3
  • Piaggio Beverly 250 Euro 3
  • Piaggio Beverly 250 MIC Euro 3
  • Piaggio Beverly 250 RST
  • Piaggio Beverly 250 Tourer Euro 3
  • Piaggio Beverly 250ie Euro 3
  • Piaggio Beverly 250ie Sport Euro 3
  • Piaggio Beverly 300 RST 4V Euro 3
  • Piaggio Beverly 300ie Tourer Euro 3
  • Piaggio Carnaby 200 Euro 3
  • Piaggio Carnaby 250ie Cruiser Euro 3
  • Piaggio Carnaby 250ie Euro 3
  • Piaggio MP3 250
  • Piaggio MP3 250 C
  • Piaggio MP3 250 CRL
  • Piaggio MP3 250 LT
  • Piaggio MP3 250 MIC
  • Piaggio MP3 250 RL
  • Piaggio MP3 300 LT
  • Piaggio MP3 300 LT Hybrid 4V
  • Piaggio MP3 300 LT Sport
  • Piaggio MP3 300 LT Touring
  • Piaggio MP3 300 MIC
  • Piaggio MP3 300 Touring
  • Piaggio MP3 Yourban 300
  • Piaggio MP3 Yourban 300 LT
  • Vespa Vespa GT 200
  • Vespa Vespa GT 200 L
  • Vespa Vespa GT 60 250ie
  • Vespa Vespa GTS 250
  • Vespa Vespa GTS 250 (2011, ZAPM45100)
  • Vespa Vespa GTS 250 ABS
  • Vespa Vespa GTS 250ie
  • Vespa Vespa GTS 300 (2014, ZAPM45200)
  • Vespa Vespa GTS 300 (2014, ZAPM45202)
  • Vespa Vespa GTS 300ie Super
  • Vespa Vespa GTS 300ie Super (2014, ZAPM45200)
  • Vespa Vespa GTS 300ie Super (2014, ZAPM45202)
  • Vespa Vespa GTS 300ie Super Sport
  • Vespa Vespa GTS 300ie Super Sport (2011, ZAPM45200)
  • Vespa Vespa GTS 300ie Super Sport (2012, ZAPM45200)
  • Vespa Vespa GTS 300ie Super Touring
  • Vespa Vespa GTS 300ie Super Touring (2011, ZAPM45200)
  • Vespa Vespa GTS 300ie Super Touring (2013, ZAPM45200)
  • Vespa Vespa GTV 250
  • Vespa Vespa GTV 300
  • Vespa Vespa GTV 300ie (ZAPM45201) Via Montenapoleone
  • Vespa Vespa GTV 300ie (2012, ZAPM45201) Vie della Moda
  • Piaggio X Evo 250 Euro 3
  • Piaggio X7 250ie Euro 3
  • Piaggio X7 300ie Euro 3
  • Piaggio X8 200
  • Piaggio X8 250 Euro 2
  • Piaggio X8 250 Euro 3
  • Piaggio X8 250 Street
  • Piaggio X8 250ie
  • Piaggio X9 200
  • Piaggio X9 200 Evo
  • Piaggio X9 250 Evo
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