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Carburettor -DELLORTO / SPACO SI20/20D- Vespa PX80 (1984-1992, type with autolube) - COD 589

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Carburettor DELL''ORTO / SPACO SI20 / 20D (type 589) Vespa PX80 (1984-1992) for vehicles with...Continue reading


Carburettor DELL''ORTO / SPACO SI20 / 20D (type 589) Vespa PX80 (1984-1992) for vehicles with separate lubrication

  • Main jet: 95
  • Second jet: 52/140
  • Mixing tube: BE3
  • Main air correction nozzle: 160
  • Throttle valve: 6823-07
  • The carburettors of the same model series always distinguish them only in their vehicle-specific equipment, but this can be adapted to any new application without any problem, so that a 20 / 20D can also be suitably re-used for operation with a larger cylinder.

    Carburettors for vehicles with separate lubrication can also be used on vehicles without separate lubrication.

    Target larger diameter, the SI20 / 20D carburetors can easily be exchanged for SI24 / 24E or SI26 / 26E carburetors.

    Likewise, older vehicles equipped with a smaller carburetor can be replaced For example, if you have a 20/15 or 20/17 SI, you can convert it to a 20/20.

    In both cases, the nozzle must be adjusted accordingly.

    NOTE : All new SI carburettors are manufactured under license by Spaco in India. These carburettors have been and are already being used for a long time in the serial production of Piaggio. They are qualitatively on the same level as the original Dell''Orto carburettor. They also undergo quality assurance at Dell''Orto and are therefore sometimes shipped packaged in Dell''Orto cartons.


Fits the following vehicles

  • Vespa (Piaggio) PX 80 E FL (V8X1T, 1983-)
  • Vespa (Piaggio) PX 80 E FL Elestart (V8X1T, 1984-1990)
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