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Cylinder -PARMAKIT ECV 121cc, Ø55mm- Vespa PV125 ,ET3 125, PK80-125

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The Parmakit ECV 121ccm is ideal for all tuners who do not want to increase the standard cubic...Continue reading


The Parmakit ECV 121ccm is ideal for all tuners who do not want to increase the standard cubic capacity.

The cylinder fits all Vespa V90, V100, SS90, 90 Racer, PV125, ET3, PK80, PK100, PK110, PK125 models. With a crankshaft of 125cc models, it also fits the engines of 50ccm models such as V50, 50N, SR50, SS50, PK50. Engines which have less than 125ccm ex factory require additionally long cylinder studs, a cylinder hood and exhaust of the 125ccm models (see accessories).


  • Cylinder material: hard ceramic (nickel-silicon) coated aluminum (AlNiSi)

  • Bore: Ø55mm

  • Stroke: 51mm (standard stroke of 125ccm models)

  • p>Transfer ports: 5

  • Exhaustport / shape: 1-piece, oval

  • Piston: cast, (coated)

  • Piston rings: 2x 1.2mm

  • Exhaust port diameter: Ø28mm

  • Exhaust port width: 31.5mm (chord dimension) = 57% of the bore

  • Outlet stud: M8

  • Outlet stud spacing: 52mm

  • Recommended squish edge: 1.1 - 1.2mm

  • Tightening torque of cylinder head nuts: 10-11Nm (cross)

  • Spark plug: long thread (B8ES/B9ES or B9ES) W3CC/W2CC)

  • Ignition setting: As original (18-20° v.Ot.)

  • Port timings: approx. 122/170° (depending on lower gasket thickness which is used)

In the performance diagram an (unmodified) Parmakit ECV cylinder was tested on a ESC class K5 engine.

Engine components:

  • Exhaust: Polini 'Banana'

  • Carburetor: Dell'Orto PHBL24

  • Intake manifold: Polini reed valve

  • Crankshaft: Mazzucchelli Racing

  • Ignition: PK Series (Polrad 1700gr.)

In order to achieve a high torque already in the low speed range we recommend the "BGM Pro Banana Sport" as exhaust. This delivers a high peak power with an early torque.

NOTE: Depending on the engine casing, it may happen that the cylinder has to be minimally chamfered at the alternator-side base sealing surface so that it closes cleanly with the engine sealing surface. In addition, the enclosed outlet seal unfortunately has too large an inner diameter. To ensure that the exhaust seals perfectly, we recommend ordering a separate exhaust gasket (7675302, see accessories).

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