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Exhaust -MALOSSI Racing MHR EXHAUST- Vespa Primavera, ET3 125cc 2T

Exhaust -MALOSSI Racing MHR EXHAUST- Vespa Primavera, ET3 125cc 2T


Malossi's own exhaust for the 136cc MHR cylinder kit. Made from 0,8mm sheet steel, TIG welded and clear coated. Aluminium rear silencer with blue anodized surface. Spring- and rubber-mounted on the engine block.

Malossi himself unfortunately gives no performance data at all, but emphasizes that the exhaust is one of the most powerful in its class and causes a performance increase explicitly in the mid and upper rpm range.

FAZIT: Beautiful classic resonance system for maximum performance with the 'turbo character' of an unmachined 136cc MHR cylinder. Due to the volume nothing for 'German' ears in everyday use.

HINWEIS: Like every serious racing exhaust system the Malossi is made of normal steel and only clear lacquered. Experience shows that the clear lacquer burns within a few kilometres. If you want to protect the system permanently against corrosion, you should have it galvanically treated (nickel-plated, chrome-plated etc.) before the first use, for example.



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