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Exhaust -OEM QUALITY- Vespa PV125

€33.95 *

incl. VAT plus shipping costs

In stock: can be delivered or picked up in the store
performance class: standard
look: standard
material exhaust body: steel
finish exhaust body: painted shiny
exhaust manifold incl.:
main colour: transparent
engine type: 2-stroke
exhaust mounting: flange
flange type: 2 studs
exhaust bolt pitch: 56 mm
P For this item you get fidelity point/s
Exhaust -Replica- Vespa PV125. This Replika exhaust is made of a very thick metal gauge. This is...Continue reading


Exhaust -Replica- Vespa PV125.
This Replika exhaust is made of a very thick metal gauge. This is at least OEM quality. So is the fitting of this exhaust box as well. To cut a long story short this exhaust gives good fitting as well as long lasting reliability.
The problem with year old exhausts is that they become clogged with carbon deposits which gives bad power and fuel economy. The worst is when exhaust are so clogged that the engine overheats and seizes.


21 Jan 2018

Il n’est pas encore monté mais la facture est très belle

20 Feb 2016

Gute Qualität und passgenau

26 Mar 2015

Spitze Qualität!!!! Immer wieder sehr gerne!

26 Nov 2014

Sehr preisgünstiger Auspuff-, qualitativ gut-zum Preisverhältnis sehr gut. Kann ich jedem als Alternative zum Original empfehlen.

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