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Exhaust stub gasket kit -BGM PRO- Vespa PX200, Cosa200, Rally200 - (Malossi 210, Polini210)

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BGM PRO Exhaust Bush Set to seal the exhaust at the cylinder boss. Suitable for all PX200,...Continue reading


BGM PRO Exhaust Bush Set to seal the exhaust at the cylinder boss.
Suitable for all PX200, Rally200 as well as Cosa200 (Cosa models only standard with cast iron cylinder)

Every cylinder type (Malossi, Polini, Quattrini, Pinasco) has its own, slightly different diameter at the exhaust nozzle.

The bgm Pro bushings easily help to permanently seal this area and keep the exhaust area clean.

Likewise, these bushings can help to cure unexplained vibrations and uneven engine running. If the exhaust pipe has so much play that it can move (under load and exhaust pressure) on the cylinder flange, this leads to the mentioned phenomena.
With the bushings the exhaust can be properly tightened at the flange. This usually eliminates the cause of the vibrations. The engine can now be tuned cleanly or runs as it should now, because no foreign air gets into the exhaust.
In the supporting working range of the exhaust (resonance range), fresh gas from the cylinder, which has reached the exhaust, is pressed back into the cylinder. However, if this is enriched with fresh air by a leaky exhaust flange, the mixture for engine may lose weight. Therefore these bushings should be ready to hand with every exhaust assembly.

Simply insert into the exhaust flange and push the exhaust onto the connecting piece, tighten. Finished.

Supply Scope
Set with 2 bushes ( 0.10mm and 0.15mm millimeter wall thickness)

FAZITbr /> Small component with large effect!

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