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Oil seal set engine -LAMBRETTA- LI 125-150 (series 2-3), LIS, SX, TV (series 2-3), GP/DL

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Oil seal sets
number of oil seals supplied: 5
number of o-rings supplied: 3
size oil seal 1: 25x42x6mm
material oil seal 1: NBR
coating oil seal 1: no
size oil seal 2: 33x50x6mm
material oil seal 2: NBR
coating oil seal 2: no
size oil seal 3: 33x52x6mm
material oil seal 3: NBR
coating oil seal 3: no
size oil seal 4: 22x32x5,5mm
material oil seal 4: NBR
coating oil seal 4: no
size oil seal 5: 32x45x6mm
material oil seal 5: NBR
coating oil seal 5: no
size o-ring 1: 12x2,0mm
size o-ring 2: 22x1,8mm
P For this item you get fidelity point/s
Consisting of a total of 8 rings. Shaft seals are natural wear parts of every engine. If they are...Continue reading


Consisting of a total of 8 rings. Shaft seals are natural wear parts of every engine. If they are defective, they can no longer perform their very important task of sealing a shaft or axle against an undesirable medium such as air, oil and/or water. This can result in very unattractive side effects such as false air or oil loss, which can quickly kill an engine. Sometimes defective shaft seals also cause creeping defects, which as such remain undiscovered for the time being. A slightly increased idle speed does not make unneeded drivers curious, but at the latest after the jam on the motorway the question arises: why? In order to prevent this highly philosophical questioning, it is worth changing shaft seals at regular intervals. Regularly in this case refers to a time or kilometer interval. For example, an engine overhaul should be considered if the mileage exceeds 20,000 km. In principle, the Vespa engines are also famous for much higher mileages unopened, but colleague Schicksal comes on the big tour more often than one would like and decides that the shaft seal, which is the most difficult to change, gives up the spirit exactly when one stands in the loneliest prairie...


14 Oct 2016


16 Dec 2015

prodotto di buon livello

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