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Flywheel fan -KR AUTOMATION 'Luftnummer 12' for Vespatronic, Parmakit and Overrev Ignition, Quattrini M200- Vespa Smallframe V50, PV, ET3, PK, Largeframe PX, Cosa, Rally, Sprint, GT, GTR, Super, VNB, VBA, VBB, VNB

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The LUFTNUMMER 12 suitable for Vespatronic, Parmakit und Overrev Ignition Systems. 12...Continue reading


The LUFTNUMMER 12 suitable for Vespatronic, Parmakit und Overrev Ignition Systems.

  • 12 Blades

  • Fiber reinforced high strengh injection molded plastic in black

  • suitable for Largeframe and Smallframe and M200

  • At 10.000 rpm 50% more Air than Vespatronic with same drag

The Plastic Fans from other Companies didn't exactly fit our needs. Parmakit fans have a lot of drag, Vespatronic doesn't deliver enough air all the time, the fancy colours don't fit all scooters and CNC milled Fans are quite expensive.

One big issue with CNC milled Fans is their stability. Does the driver fall down the stiffnes delivers the punch directly to the crancshaft which may occur severe damage. The race may be over.

The Luftnummer 12 intends to be an economical alternative to Vespatronic and Parmakit fans and especially to CNC milled aluminium fans. The Luftnummer 12 fits with small modifications the Polinitronic as well.

It does not fit on rotors with "additional weight" on the outside.


Fits the following vehicles

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