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Clutch extractor -Wi.FSI-Parts by BGM PRO- Vespa Largeframe (Vespa VNA, VNB, VBA, VBB, GL, Super, GT, GTR, TS, GS, SS, Sprint, Rally, PX, Cosa, T5 125cc) - can also be used as clutch compressor Vespa Largeframe/Smallframe

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BGM Pro double feature clutch tool for Vespa EXTRACTOR (Largeframe) The clutch often is...Continue reading


BGM Pro double feature clutch tool for Vespa

EXTRACTOR (Largeframe)
The clutch often is tight on the crankshaft taper. This extractor helps you to quickly detach the clutch without damaging anything.

COMPRESSOR (Small+Largeframe)
Perfect to compress the clutch, thus unloading the safety ring. You may exchange the discs quickly and safely.

TECHNOLOGY-HINT: A securing nut tightens the 6 and 7 spring clutches of Vespa Largeframe models. High performance engines often don't reach the necessary high tightening torque with a securing nut.
Causing the woodruff key to shear off and the clutch hub to distort on the crankshaft. "Screwed" on the taper in this manner, you won't be able to loosen the entire clutch easily after loosening the securing nut of the crankshaft as you usually would. You should rather expect fierce resistance. This is where the extractor is particularly valuable.

TIP: We recommend our special nut with hex head for clutches with 6 or 7 springs. Easier and safer to use than ordinary securing nuts. It's made of extremely solid base material. The tightening torque can be fully used.

We recommend the BGM Pro Street gear oil (BGM 2025, corresponds to specification API GL-3).



5 Feb 2019
Preis/Leistung passt nicht!

Funktion ist super, Verarbeitung war wirklich schlecht - Schraube war nicht richtig angefast und das Gewinde in der Platte war nicht richtig geschnitten - ich musste das Gewinde nachschneiden damit die Schraube ohne Kraftaufwand reinzudrehen ging, war jetzt nicht das große Problem, aber für 20€ kann man mehr erwarten!

10 Sep 2018
TOP Teil, auch für Stoßdämpfer-Gummi hinten

Tolles Teil, durchdacht und funktional. Die Scheibe passt auch perfekt in die Aufnahme für den Silentgummi hinten am Stoßdämpfer. Kann man damit wunderbar aus-/einpressen.

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