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Clutch incl. primary drive set -BGM Pro Superstrong 2.0 CR Ultralube, type Cosa2/FL - primary gear BGM Pro 63 tooth (straight) - Vespa PX80, PX125, PX150, PX200, Cosa, T5, Sprint150 Veloce, Rally, GTR, TS125, Super150 (VBC) - 24/63 tooth (2.62)

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Part no.: BGM8623KT63 Number of teeth 23 teeth (for 62/63 straight teeth) Price
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Part no.: BGM8624KT63 Number of teeth 24 teeth (for 62/63 straight teeth) Price
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Part no.: BGM8625KT63 Number of teeth 25 teeth (62/63 straight teeth) Price
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BGM PRO Superstrong 2.0 CR - the original, now with Ultralube Extremely durable clutch, very...Continue reading


BGM PRO Superstrong 2.0 CR - the original, now with Ultralube
Extremely durable clutch, very easy to use - Made in Germany

The Superstrong 2.0 CR clutch combines extreme durability, absolute reliability and easy operation.
It is the basis of every solid engine tuning.
The massive, CNC manufactured clutch basket has an excellent concentricity as well as an enormously high torsional stiffness. Thus it offers a perfect clutch behaviour with a clearly defined grinding point and clean cutting. It can be used by touring cyclists who value high quality, as well as ambitious racers who are looking for an extremely resilient and stable clutch.


The latest generation of Superstrong 2.0 CR clutches now features an innovative new technology: Ultralube.
Ultralube flows transmission oil (through precisely defined bores and centrifugal force) both into the highly loaded hub profile (between clutch basket and clutch hub) and to the clutch facings themselves.
This technology, unique in the vespa sector, makes the legendary Superstrong 2.0 CR clutch even more stable than it already is. A clutch designed for eternity.

The ready-to-install clutch is adjusted for a power range up to approx. 20PS / 22Nm by means of the mounted clutch springs. Reinforced springs (sold separately, BGM PRO XXL) extend the performance range of the clutch to over 40 HP. The bgm PRO Superstrong 2.0 CR replaces any conventional clutch type used in the
Vespa large frame models with inlet rotary slide control from approx. 1967 onwards.
Usable in Vespa GL, Super, Sprint, Sprint Veloce, GT, GTR, TS, Rally, PX, Cosa and T5.

Vehicles with less than 180ccm (ex works) need the clutch cover of the 200ccm models, if the original existing clutch cover should not be modified.
Vehicles built before 1998 have to be modified minimally to mount the Superstrong 2.0 CR clutch (see documents under "Downloads").

We deliver the Supertrong 2.0 CR with the pad type of the Honda CR80/VFR400.
These have a larger effective radius, less weight, wider lugs and a very resilient pad material. The advantages are a lighter clutch that separates faster and yet is extremely resilient. The traditional cork linings with a wide contact surface offer no advantages whatsoever, which is why we do not use them in the Superstrong 2.0 CR anymore.

Clutches with straight-toothed pinions can only be combined with the corresponding straight-toothed primary gear. The motor must be fully opened for this. The extra long primary reduction ratios based on the 62/63 tooth primary gear are only available with straight teeth. The high torque of the motors, which require such a long reduction ratio, is transmitted directly into the gear via a straight toothing, without exerting lateral forces on the bearing of the auxiliary shaft. Due to the precise manufacturing, the straight-toothed drives are as quiet as the helical-toothed ones.

A primary drive consists of clutch (pinion) and primary gear.
Piaggio has already combined 65, 67 and 68 teeth of primary gears with different clutch pinions ex works.
This makes it easy to adjust the total gear ratio to the engine power.
A distinction is made here between 67/68 and 65 teeth.
Due to the different so-called gear module, the following gear/pinion combinations can be used.
Please note: BGM is the only manufacturer to offer different 22Z pinions for 67/68Z and 65Z primary gears. This is the only way to ensure maximum stability.

*BGM Pinion with special toothing

primary gear wheel

Primary gear wheel original built in

Applicable BGM Superstrong 2.0 CR clutches



23Z*, 24Z*, 25Z* (straight tooth)



24Z*, 24Z*, 25Z* (straight tooth)


Rally200, PX200

22Z*, 23Z, 24Z*


All 125-180cc models up to 1977

20Z , 21Z , 22Z, 23Z*


All 80-150cc models from 1978 up, all Cosa

20Z , 21Z , 22Z, 23Z*


  • Longer gear ratio:
    • PX80/PX125 Drivers use a 22 or 23 tooth clutch (suitable for primary 67/68)
    • PX200/Rally200 Drivers use a 24 tooth clutch (suitable for primary 64/65) for transmission extension.
  • Shorter ratio:
    • PX200/Rally200 Drivers use a clutch with 22 teeth (suitable for primary wheel 64/65) to shorten the ratio.
  • TIPP
    For the largest possible range of ratios, simply install the special BGM 64 teeth primary wheel (motor must be opened completely). Then the motor can be reduced by simply changing the clutch pinion to suit a tame 177cc cylinder up to a torque damper.
    Engines with a lot of torque and early power peak choose the straight-toothed clutches which also require a straight-toothed primary wheel (also available as a set). This allows very long reduction ratios to be achieved. Ideal even if the total gear ratio is too short (e.g. MHR) for very sporty engines with a modified auxiliary shaft and shorter gear steps. Also an option if the actual gearbox is very short (PX80) or the gear ratio is too low due to a small wheel diameter (PX200 engine with 8 inch tires in Oldie).
    The scope of supply includes the complete ready-to-install clutch with bgm PRO Cosa clutch linings and ten BGM PRO XL springs. A new O-ring for the clutch cover, the half moon wedge and a new clutch nut are also included. We use a nut with clamping part (MBN13023, T2, strength class 10, DBL9440.40) because we have gained the best experience with this also in racing operation with over 40 HP shaft power. Tightening torque 70-75NM. We do not recommend other safety devices such as Nordlock, corrugated spring washers (DIN137) or serrated washers (DIN6798).

We also recommend a low-alloy gear oil of classes API GL3/GL4 for high-performance engines in order to avoid slipping of the clutch even under extreme loads. This also applies to our BGM Superstrong 2.0 CR clutches. The old engine oil specification SAE30 corresponds to the current gear oil specification SAE 85W/90. As lubricant we recommend the BGM Pro Street gear oil (BGM2025, corresponds to specification API GL-3).



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