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Air intake hose adapter -MRP Dumbo Ø60mm (Keihin PWK 33-38mm, Mikuni TMX 35, Polini 32/34, Dellorto PHBH 28/30, VHSH 30)- Vespa PX, T5, Sprint, Rally, GT, GTR, GL150, Super, VNA, VNB, VBA, VBB

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Smart solution from MRP to continue drawing cool air from the frame when using larger gasifiers....Continue reading


Smart solution from MRP to continue drawing cool air from the frame when using larger gasifiers.

The opening in the frame has a size of approx. 60x44mm. The surface is thus equivalent to a carburettor with over Ø50mm cross-section. Thus the suction hose solution offers no loss in performance even on very powerful engines. Due to the cooler intake air, better performance results can be expected under heavy load, which strongly heats up the air otherwise drawn in under the side hood.

Another great advantage is that the frame can also be used as sound insulation. Engines that have been converted to intake control via a diaphragm can drastically minimize the noise level of the intake noise. The frame can also be lined with sound-absorbing material from the inside.

TIP: It is essential to retain/mount the standard plastic moulded part underneath the tank. Otherwise the intake noise from the horn area (frame tunnel opening) is quite loud. In the intake cutout below the front seat attachment, a pipe can also be inserted into the frame. This breaks the sound again and suppresses the medium to low frequency range of the intake noise.

This variant with 60mm outer diameter is suitable for the following carburettors:

  • Keihin PWK 33, 35 and 38
  • Mikuni TMX 35
  • Polini 32 and 34
  • Dell'Orto PHBH 28 and 30
  • Dell'Orto VHSH 30

The tank does not have to be removed for assembly!
The suction hose adapter can be easily mounted from the outside in 5 minutes.

Scope of supply:

  • Suction hose adapter with 60mm outer diameter, black powder-coated
  • Aluminium mounting plate inside and outside
  • Sealing rubber for frame flange
  • Very flexible suction hose with wire spiral, 60mm inside.
  • All screws required for assembly.



20 Jan 2018

very good happy

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