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Brake drum, rear -BGM PRO cast iron- Vespa Wideframe V1-15, V30-33, VU, VM, VN, VL, VB, VBA, VBB, VNA, VNB, ACMA, Hoffmann

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Rear brake drum "Made in Germany" by Strohspeed for BGM PRO. Suitable for all Vespa models...Continue reading


Rear brake drum "Made in Germany" by Strohspeed for BGM PRO.
Suitable for all Vespa models with 8 inch tires (not Vespa Super VNC/VBC).

Made of high-quality cast iron, it offers enormous advantages compared to conventional brake drums made of thin sheet steel:

  • suitable for original and tubeless rims
  • no distortion due to hot brakes
  • perfect concentricity due to exact centring over the wheel shaft (tol. 0.02mm!).)
  • never again brake rubbing
  • significantly better heat dissipation through the cooling fins
  • considerably more stable due to greater overall wall thickness
  • additional reinforcement through cooling fins
  • no brake fading under continuous load (temperature max. 200-240°). 200-240°)

With this brake drum, even an 8 inch Vespa finally brakes really well!

Note: The brake drums are supplied lubricated for protection against corrosion. Please remove the oil before mounting (e.g. with brake cleaner, see accessories). Like all cast iron brake drums, these will corrode if they are not protected and get damp. For protection, the outside of the brake drum can be coated with heat-resistant exhaust paint. This keeps the drum optically beautiful for a long time.

BITTE NOTE: Special brake pads are required for perfect function. These are also available from BGM Pro in two versions, for vehicles with one or two brake pad bolts (Alternatively we also offer complete sets consisting of drum and pads)
The brake shoes are narrower to compensate for the thicker wall thickness of the BGM brake drum. The braking power remains unaffected, it does not depend on the surface of the brake pads. The brake shoes are directional, please note this during installation (see also installation instructions in the download area).

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