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Fuel tap -BGM PRO Faster Flow V2.0- Vespa PX, T5 125cc, Rally180 (VSD1T), Rally200 (VSE1T), Sprint150 (VLB1T), TS125 (VNL3T), GT125 (VNL2T), GTR125 (VNL2T), GL150 (VLA1T), Super, VNA, VNB, VBA, VBB, V50, V90, PV125, ET3, PK S, PK XL

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Fast Flow fuel taps have a high flow rate and also for powerful engines they ensure a perfect...Continue reading


Fast Flow fuel taps have a high flow rate and also for powerful engines they ensure a perfect fuel supply of the carburettor. They can perfectly replace the genuine ones.

This fuel tap is available in the following versions:

    This version with reserve position corresponds to a standard fuel tap with open/close/reserve position. Once the reserve level has been reached the fuel tap lever shall be manually switched to the reserve position, but, unlike for the genuine fuel tap, with this type of tap you have about 1 litre more reserve amount.
    The version with electronic low level warning is available for Vespa and Lambretta. This fuel tap shows the reserve level with a warning light like for cars. Since this fuel tap has no reserve position, but only open/close positionit is not necessary to switch to the reserve position during the ride. Moreover, the fuel supply is always constant - which ensures more safety. A LED warning light can be mounted to the handlebar.
    Fast Flow fuel tap with connection for the fuel hose offset by 90°. As a result, there is more space between the fuel tap and the left silent block of the engine.

The float cannot be used with fuels containing a high amount of alcohol. So please do not use E10/E85 fuel type


    The blue wire is the earth wire which is also connected to the metal part of the fuel tap. If mounted to vehicles whose tank is connected with the chassis (Vespa), the blue wire is automatically connected to the chassis earth.
    The orange wire shall be connected from the fuel tap to the warning light and then to the current source. The current source shall access to the same earth wire of the fuel tap (vehicle chassis).

As alternative to the single wire connections to the LED warning light we offer a plug adaptor for SIP/Koso speedos (please see accessories). The integrated warning light will be directly connected to the wiring loom of the speedo.


Fits the following vehicles


8 Jun 2019

Very good product and easy to install, but needs some changes to work properly. Main thing to change is the length of the inner plastic tube that regulates the level at which the petrol lever has to be changed from normal to reserve. As delivered, the tube is about 6/7cm, this has to be shortened to 3/4cms. (compare with stock Piaggio fuel tap) So that the fuel tap functions the same as the Piaggio fuel tap. It is a easy procedure, but good to do before you install it in the tank. Just twist of the outer plastic tube with gauze/mesh (it is threaded at the bottom), take out the inner plastic tube, and cut it to length. Now re-install, et voila a good functioning fuel tap.

8 Apr 2019
Bon produit...mais joint à revoir !

Très satisfait de ce robinet d'essence, malgré une fuite au premier montage.
En effet, le joint fourni avec a deux défauts: il est d'un diamètre légèrement trop grand et, surtout, il est trop souple.
Du coup, il se déforme au serrage et crée des zones de fuite.
L'alternative consiste à monter le joint de robinet d'origine Piaggio...et là, c'est parfait !

23 Oct 2018
Leider stimmt die Reserservemenge nicht mehr

Ich habe den Benzinhahn schon sehr oft verbaut und die Qualität ist gut. Leider wurde jedoch vor einiger Zeit, das Röhrchen welches die Reservemenge bestimmt verlängert. Dies bewirkt, dass man bereits nach kurzer Zeit auf Reserve umschalten muss obwohl noch jede Menge Sprit im Tank ist. Man Kann das Röhrchen zwar ganz einfach kürzen aber wenn man das vorher nicht weis kann man die ganze Arbeit noch einmal machen!

24 Aug 2018
Version mit Reservestellung

Scheint die Version mit Reservestellung zu sein. Die verschiedenen Positionen sind auch auf dem Benzinhahn eingestanzt.

17 Jul 2018


18 Feb 2018

dichtet sehr gut ab - auch luftdicht...

22 Jan 2018

Ottimo prodotto

20 Jan 2018

Very good marchandise at a very good price.

20 Jan 2018


11 Jan 2018

Fummeliger Einbau, funktioniert aber tadellos! Gibt meinem Malossi somit hoffentlich genug Sprit.

10 Jan 2018

Endlich genug Benzin

10 Jan 2018


10 Jan 2018

Find ich persönlich am besten!👍👍

22 Aug 2017

Nice fast flow by fuel tap that is working really well on my 125 /177 Vespa.

27 Jul 2017

Preis & leistungverhaltnis ist OK

20 Oct 2016


14 Oct 2016

Alles top wie beschrieben

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