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Clutch -SC, Largeframe, type Cosa2/FL- for primary gear 67/68 tooth - Vespa PX80, PX125, PX150, T5 125cc, Cosa, Sprint150, Rally180, GT125/GTR125, TS125, GL150, Super125 (VNC1, 11001-), Super150 -

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SC CLUTCH - The junior version of the BGM Superstrong clutch for Vespa PX . High-quality BGM...Continue reading


SC CLUTCH - The junior version of the BGM Superstrong clutch for Vespa PX.
High-quality BGM PRO components in the standard clutch basket.
Combines all the advantages of the Cosa2 clutch type at an unbeatable low price:

  • Very easy to pull
  • Separates very clean
  • Fast and precise gear changes

Available with special pinions to shorten / extend the original gear ratio.

The SC clutch replaces any conventional clutch type used in the Vespa large frame models with inlet rotary valve control from about 1956 onwards.

Thus usable in Vespa VNA, VNB, VBA, VBB, T4, GL, Super, Sprint, Sprint Veloce, GT, GTR, TS, Rally, PX, Cosa and T5.

Without modifications in all vehicles from 1995 and engines from 180ccm (ex works), Vespa T5 and all Cosa models suitable.

Vehicles with less than 180ccm (ex works) require the clutch cover of the 200ccm models unless the original clutch cover is to be modified. Vehicles before 1995 must be minimally modified to mount the Superstrong clutch (see documents under "Downloads").

Ideal for original and slightly tuned engines. For applications above 15PS, we recommend the BGM Superstrong clutch.

The SC clutch is equipped with: BGM PRO retaining ring (reinforced), BGM PRO clutch springs reinforced (8 pcs. XL), BGM PRO clutch pinion, BGM PRO clutch linings, BGM PRO steel discs, BGM PRO clutch bushing

The SC clutch types are all hand-made and tested by us in-house for maximum quality control.

A primary drive consists of a clutch (pinion) and a primary wheel.
Piaggio has already combined 65, 67 and 68 teeth primary wheels with different clutch pinions.
This can be easily adapted to the overall ratio of engine performance.
There are differences between 67/68 and 65 teeth.
Due to the different so-called gear module following wheel / pinion combinations can be used.

Please note: BGM is the only manufacturer to offer different 22Z sprockets for 67 / 68Z and 65Z primary wheels. Only in this way is maximum stability guaranteed.

primary wheel

primary wheel originally installed in

suitable SC clutch



23Z*, 24Z*, 25Z* (straight teeth)



24Z*, 24Z*, 25Z* (straight teeth)


Rally200, PX200

22Z*, 23Z, 24Z*


all 125-180cc till Bj. 1977

20Z , 21Z , 22Z, 23Z*


all 80-150cc from 1978, all Cosa

20Z , 21Z , 22Z, 23Z*

* BGM gear cog with special module!


Longer gearing:

  • PX80 / PX125 drivers use a 22 or 23 tooth clutch for transmission extension (suitable for primary wheel 67/68)
  • PX200 / Rally200 riders use a 24-tooth clutch for transmission extension (suitable for primary gear 64/65)

Shorter gearing:

  • PX200 / Rally200 drivers use a 22-tooth clutch to shorten their gear ratios (suitable for primary gear 64/65)

Clutchs with straight-toothed pinions can only be combined with the correspondingly toothed primary wheel. To do this, the engine must be fully opened. The extra-long primary reduction gears based on the 62/63 teeth primary wheel are exclusively available with straight teeth. The high torque of the engines, which require such a long reduction, is introduced via a straight toothing directly into the transmission, without exerting lateral forces on the storage of the secondary shaft. Thanks to precise production, the straight-toothed drives are as quiet as the helical gears.

To maximize the transmission bandwidth, simply install the special BGM 64 teeth primary wheel (the engine must be fully opened). Then, by simply changing the clutch pinion, the engine can be stocked for tame 177ccm cylinders right up to the torque damper.

Engines with a lot of torque and early power peak choose the straight-toothed clutches which also require a straight-toothed primary wheel (also available as a set). This can be achieved very long reductions. Ideal even if very sporty designed engines with a modified side shafts including shorter gear jumps, the overall ratio is too short. Also an option if the actual transmission is very short (PX80) or the translation is too small due to a small wheel diameter (PX200 engine with 8 inch tires in oldie).

Included in delivery is the complete ready-to-install clutch with bgm PRO Cosa clutch pads and eight BGM PRO XL springs. A new O-ring for the clutch cover, the half-moon wedge and a new clutch nut are also enclosed. We use a nut with clamping part (MBN13023, T2, strength class 10, DBL9440.40) as we are the best in racing with more than 40HP shaft power



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