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Circlip -HOLE DIN472- Ø=47mm

Circlip -HOLE DIN472- Ø=47mm
Circlip -HOLE DIN472- Ø=47mm


It is used for the rear wheel bearing of the Vespa PX and the Largeframes (1957-78), among other things.

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DIN standard: DIN472
diameter circlip: 47 mm
diameter circlip mounted: 49.5 mm
diameter circlip unmounted: 50.5 mm
circlip width: 1.75 mm
OEM numbers (for comparison purposes only)
Piaggio 006647, 6647, S.6647, S6647
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It is used for the rear wheel bearing of the Vespa PX and the Largeframes (1957-78), among other...Continue reading

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11 Jan 2018

Gute Qualität und Passform !

31 Jan 2016

Versucht mal son Seegering im Laden um die Ecke zu bekommen...Fehlanzeige.
Einfach und schnell gibts den beim Scooter-Center!

4 Jan 2016


8 Jul 2015

Norm Teil eben

14 May 2015

Thought this was the Front Disc Brake actuators securing circlip and was listed as being used on Lambretta's but it's not, couldn't find a circlip identified specifically as doing the job?

26 Feb 2015

super ware Past wie ein originalteil

9 Dec 2014


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